Abuja is one of the choicest city to live in Nigeria. Buying a house in Abuja is the dream come true to every Nigeria both home and abroad. It is a time-consuming and expensive investment process. Therefore, it is important to know what to look for in a home and understand the buying process well, before you settle on a house. Luckily, I understand your concerns as a potential home buyer and I will guide you through the process and help you join the list of homeowners in Abuja.


Below are some of the steps you need to take to make your buy as simple and rewarding as possible.


Set a target

As with any aspiration, it’s always imperative that you have a target you’re aiming for. In this case, it should be the choice of buying a house. What type and size of home do you prefer? What features do you want in your home? What is your ideal home location and what neighbourhood will be best for you? Most importantly how much will it cost? Every aspiring homeowner should consider these as the answers to these questions will help you create a more vivid picture of what you’re aiming at – your dream home.

Have a budget

A majority of the people buying houses in Abuja make the mistake of not preparing and properly defining their budget before setting out to buy house in Abuja. They end up buying on impulse, and sometimes spending more than necessary. Buying a house is not the same as household items or fashion materials. It is one of the biggest and most important buys you can make. From legal, property levies to agency fees, there are extra and sometimes hidden costs you need to be aware of. It is necessary to have a budget.

Go House Hunting

Go house hunting putting into consideration Price, Location, Projected expenses, Negotiation, Pressure from external forces, and exercising a bit of caution.

Compare home price with other listings in the same area

You should research the market price for similar houses in other locations. That way, you can know the value of the house you want to buy. You also get to know how much similar homes in the area are going for. You can compare that with listings in the same location and weigh your options. In case you find it difficult tracking this information, a real eastate agent can be of help. Castle Homesng in Abuja has an established reputation of seamlessly providing this service.

Get an agent

Real estate agents have very robust data available to them and they are very conversant with current market trends. They can provide a comparative market analysis on the property you want to buy. Agents can also discover information that is not readily available to the public, like, if the house is being foreclosed. So, find an agent who knows the area very well so they can help you dig around.

Condition of the house

Houses that are in excellent condition are usually valued more than other houses within that area. Also, new houses are higher priced than old houses. The physical condition of a house has a profound impact on the house.

Consider the design of the house

What materials are used on the roofing, flooring, walls, and interior fixtures? Is there an additional feature like a garage, a garden or a swimming pool? These are all features that contribute to the ultimate value of a house.

The neighbourhood is more important than you think

Houses located in upscale neighbourhoods are much more expensive than houses in other neighbourhoods. If you are planning on buying houses in such neighbourhoods, you should be prepared to part with a high amount of money.

Number of days on the market

If a house has stayed too long on the market, it’s either overpriced or not a good property to invest in. Either way, there is a high probability that such property is not worth its asking price. You can make an offer less than the asking price but don’t allow it to be too low to avoid annoying the seller.


Avoid certain mistakes when buying your dream house in Abuja

Mistakes such as choosing a house that does not meet your needs should be avoided.

Not scrutinising the legal agreement

Failing to document agreement

Lack of market research

Failure to inspect the property

Failure to use a lawyer.



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