Abuja being the capital city of Nigeria naturally attracts a sizeable number of visitors from all over the world especially diplomats and foreign investors. Abuja has everything to offer everyone – stunning attractions, modern High-rise buildings, impressive gardens, luxury hotels and unique restaurants, designer boutiques, exclusive shops and stores, cinemas, exciting things to do and of course, vibrant nightlife.  One noticeable trend, especially by Nigerians who have lived abroad for years, is their decision to settle for Abuja over other cities when they decide to relocate to Nigeria. There are many reasons but these five stand out:


Abuja is the seat of government. It is relatively safe compared to most Nigerian Cities and State Capitals. It is an organized city and has a large presence of security personnel who are readily available to maintain law and order, patrols and activities by security agencies to protect lives and properties. If you’re pondering on why you should settle to live in Abuja this is a very good reason as crimes such as incessant cases of armed robbery, burglary, kidnapping, ritual killing, agbero activities, cultists and traditional criminals cannot be found in Abuja, you can comfortably take a stroll at any time of the day. Police respond promptly to distress calls.

Good Infrastructure

Abuja has functional and numerous street lights, traffic lights, good expansive roads, decent housing estates, recreational parks, well organized markets and other relaxation centers. A quick tour of the city in your car is often a delight especially on Sunday Evenings when traffic in the city center is very low. The lush green pedestrian walkways and impressive housing in highbrow parts of town such as Jabi, Maitama, Asokoro and Wuse 2 give you insights into just how well off Abuja is compared to other Nigerian Cities.

 People are mannered

In Lagos and Warri, for instance, it’s not uncommon to run into uncultured people on the roads in traffic or sometimes on the queue in banks to mention a few instances. People may talk irresponsibly at length without weighing the gravity of their behaviors of show disrespect for other people’s feelings and time by being rude and uncourteous. That is not holding the brief for all Abuja residents as a sizeable number of them are ill-mannered but you find them less in Abuja where everyone is trying hard to live up to the Jones’s.

Beautiful Scenery

Abuja is blessed with beautiful architecture and man-made structures, beautiful views and scenery. Large green land and picturesque landscape. With many hills and picnic spots and lakes. In the heydays of El-Rufai’s administration, the capital city bore an appealing look in the form of beautiful green gardens and parks taking up spots across the city. The lovely trees and ornamental lineups on Akintola Boulevard or Alvan Ikoku way to mention a few gives you the impression that Abuja will for long remain the Authentic Garden City of Nigeria.

Centrally Located

From Abuja, you’re almost equally spaced out from the rest of Nigeria. The shortest distance between Southwest and North East passes through the Federal Capital Territory even through popular roads within Abuja metropolis. All Federal roads in Nigeria lead to or point towards Abuja meaning travelers by road in Abuja have an edge when traveling far across than others from more distant places – good news for those who travel home during holidays with the usual exceptions of people who hail from the middle belt.

Peaceful Environment

Abuja provides a peaceful, safe and serene environment to live, raise a family and work. You are most likely to live a longer healthier life in Abuja than in any other city in Nigeria.

Less Pollution

With the ever lush green environment in Abuja, and its trees and green scenery, pollution levels is low. The air is ever fresh.

 Business Opportunities

As a fast growing city Abuja’s population is expanding by the thousands every day. This provides opportunities for businesses to provide goods and services to the population including associated things like building and transport, feeding, etc.

No Hostilities
Abuja is the centre of unity in Nigeria. It is a safe haven for all Nigerians regardless of their tribes. Here people of all tribes and religions have held and hold important positions in public office and are able to own property and conducts their business with no harassment.

 Investment Delight
All the points raised above lend themselves to the ultimate fact that Abuja is the far better safer haven for investment than any other city in Nigeria. You wouldn’t need to worry about the many things you would worry about other cities in Nigeria. If for example you bought land in Abuja and you were in the diaspora, your investment is safe.

At the time of writing, Joy Gundu, is a Real Estate Broker and CEO at Castle Homesng in Abuja, Nigeria.

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