10 Top Apps For Real Estate Agents

There are literally millions of apps out there. Some of them may not be very useful (doesn’t mean they’re not fun), but others can reinvigorate your business and change the way you market, manage and collaborate in real estate.

Real Estate Agents use apps to avoid traffic jams, pay for our parking, sign the documents or even to schedule an appointment for a message. And it saves us a lot of time and energy! Isn’t it what all technology should be about after all – making our lives easier and saving us some time for the important stuff?We’ve put together a list of our favorite apps we use to work, communicate and relax. These apps are really handy for the REALTORS.

Because nobody has time to comb through all the apps out there, we’ve asked some of real estate’s top agents and coaches for recommendations. Here is a list we pulled together of the best of those apps!

  •   iMovie – This all-in-one video app recommended by Castle Homesng, makes it easy to create, edit, view, and share videos on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple computer.
  • PicPlayPost – If you’re tired of the standard click-click-click technique of scrolling through images, this is the app for you. Castle Homesng recommends this app for creating multi-media collages that incorporate pictures, video, and sounds into one incredible collage.
  • Haiku Deck – Make professional looking presentations on the web, your iPad, or your iPhone with this app, recommended by Castle Homesng. Haiku Deck gives you access to thousands of templates and millions of free images, making it easy to create a presentation that complements your branding.
  • WordSwag – Text is more relatable, digestible, and memorable when you add it to an image. Debra Trappen introduced us to WordSwag as a quick, easy way to add text to your photos. Use this app to add descriptions to listing photos or share inspiring stats, quotes, etc.
  • Slack – When you work with a team, communication is key. Michael Maher suggests this group messaging app to keep everyone on the same page.
  • GroupMe – Another great option to connect with your team is GroupMe. Wendy Papasansuggests this app, which makes it easy to create group messages that work on any device.
  • Evernote – This note-taking app makes it easy to take, share, and access your ideas from anywhere. Recommended by Ashton Gustafson, this app is versatile, allowing you to make lists, take notes, and snap photos.
  • Waze – No one likes getting stuck in traffic. Debra Trappen suggests using Waze to navigate around traffic jams, accidents, and other road hazards so you can reach your destination fast, safe, and on time.
  • Don’t Break the Chain! – This app helps you track your daily commitment to your most important goal. Wendy Papasan suggests using this app “for habits that [you] want to create.”
  • Charlie App – Building rapport is simpler when you use the info Charlie App finds. Introduced to us by Chris Smith, this app researches your contacts and sends you information about their interests, company, common connections, news related to them, and more.
  • Docu Sign– DocuSign allows you to sign documents anywhere in the world. It is one of the most convenient tools for a modern real estate agent, and it is so easy to work with!


At the time of writing, Joy Gundu, is a Real Estate Broker and CEO at Castle Homesng in Abuja, Nigeria.

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