There are lots of reasons to buy a Land in Abuja whether its to build your own house, use the property as a long-term investment or for commercial reasons, Several questions need to be asked in order to choose the best land for the particular purpose. Before an offer is made, these are some of the questions to be asked:

1.  Where is the Land located?:

Location is one of the oldest real estate adage and also the most basic concern in land purchasing. No matter what property you are purchasing or why you are buying it, nothing is more important than location

2.Are the roads tarred?

Accessibility to the Land adds value to the property especially if the road is tarred, this makes it more attractive and sellable. Buyers know they have to pay more for a Land situated on a tarred road.

3.Is it buildable and liveable?

It is important to determine if the land you are considering can be used as you envision. The laws about what can and cannot be built on a piece of land vary enormously from area to area, you should consider Clearances to boundaries, your well and neighbors’ wells, and structures must be maintained – as required by local regulations.

4. Is the Land Surveyed?

Land Surveying is making topographic maps (shows all the dips, ditches, hill lines, gradual rises, etc…)

A land surveyor measures the distance between points and the angle between them and can generate a map with that data. These maps are used for planning roads, buildings, and dividing land into lots for sale.

The land surveyor can also take an existing map and use it to determine where property lines lay. Knowing where the property lines are is important for people who wish to use the city right of ways for burying electric or communications wires, storm and sanitary sewers and water pipes.

5. Who are the neighbors surrounding the land?

It is important to know people who are living around you.


At the time of writing, Joy Gundu, is a Real Estate Broker and CEO at Castle Homesng in Abuja, Nigeria.





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